Yesterdays Yeahs.
Tomorrow’s Truths.

What drives me every day is the connection with place, and its interpretation through winemaking. Learning from the past, being in the present and fostering excitement for the future to create expressive wines with balance, harmony and longevity.

My life in wine began in the vineyards. It is the vineyard that informs my winemaking and inspires my creativity. It is the place that feels like home, and where I just love to be.

The preservation of place from the vine to the wine requires a very gentle, sensitive and confident touch. This level of purity calls for the best natural ingredients possible; quality grapes from cool, expressive places that will largely speak for themselves given the opportunity. My life is dedicated to finding these places, preserving the nuances of their character, and articulating my impression.

My winemaking also aims to showcase “range” – the vastness of aroma, flavour and texture, and present this with elegance, detail and poise. Signature to the Ben Haines style is the ability of these wines to drink beautifully in their flashy youth, whilst promising the ultimate rewards with long-term ageing.

Exploration is the thread that ties the Ben Haines winemaking together. It feeds my ever-persistent curiosity and leads me to push any perceived boundaries or limitations – and ultimately, make better wine to share with you.